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Prom Sundays Friends and Parks Join FOTP

National parks supporters send a message to the state Government, HANDS OFF PARKS!, at Wilsons Prom National Park, on Saturday November 2. To wiew the YouTube video please follow this link - the Victorian National Parks Association - Shine a Light for Parks video

On Saturday November 2nd The Friends of the Prom, in conjunction with The Prom Campers Association and the Victorian National Parks Association,staged a key event in the "HANDS OFF" campaign, to defend Wilsons Promontory National Park, along with all other Victorian National Parks, against the biggest threat to Victoria's natural heritage in years.

We would like to sincerely thank all those who joined us on the beach on Saturday evening, to send a message that we feel the stated Government should not ignore. We do not want private development, cattle or prospecting in our national parks. What we want is the natural beauty which the national parks movement was established to protect for all of us, and future generations.

Please visit the Victorian National Parks Association for all campaign update details


There are several things that you can do right now to let the state government know how you feel about this threat to Victoria's natural heritage.

Sign the petition at www.vnpa.org.au Please write to your local (and any other you have time for) State Members of Parliament. Mention the key points, in your own words is all that is necessary, and ask that your concerns be conveyed to Minister for the Environment Smith and Premier Napthine.

Remember numbers are what counts with politicians, so the more letters you can generate, the better.

Planting trees at the Lighthouse

Trees planted at Tidal River

Welcome to Friends of the Prom

The Friends of the Prom Inc. (FOTP) is a group of volunteers with a shared love of Wilsons Promontory National Park. Our aim is to assist park staff with preservation and upkeep of one of Victoria's oldest and largest National Parks.

The Friends hold six activities weekends a year, and an annual luncheon. Some of our activities include tree planting, track maintenance, beach combing and weed removal. Saturday's are normally our work days and Sunday we relax with a walk, swim, surf, or spend the time enjoying the Prom's natural beauty. Members receive six newsletters a year containing reports on our activities with dates and details of future activities.

The conservation work we undertake includes activities suitable for young and old, and visitors often attend our weekends - usually introduced by a member. We also welcome overseas visitors interested to learn about Australia's natural environment, and meet Australian conservationists.

We are a friendly and informal group who welcome new members to assist us in the conservation of one of Australia's most spectacular National Parks.